About Me

Name: Dean Root



Gym Instructor

Personal Trainer

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT)

Nutritionist in Weight Management

Advanced Nutritionist in Sports & Exersice

Glass Fire Cupping Rehab Therapist

Glass Fire Cupping Massage Therapist

Moxibustion Treatment Therapist

Lorisian Food Intolernace Practioner

I was working in the media industry for nearly 15 years and I had seen it change so much that I was losing the enjoyment for it that I once had. I have been into fitness and training since college and a lot of my friends are also either experienced gym users or trainers themselves, they suggested the idea to make my hobby a living and leave the Media industry.

"Pure Progression was set up by a Chelmsford

based Personal Trainer, Dean Root. He was looking

to increase the demographic of his client base and

to be able to offer more services to his existing and

future clients helping them to get the most out of

their training.


A real one place that can cater for anyone, of any

age working towards any goal."

I really had to consider the risk of leaving a secure career, for an unsecure self-employed position in a very much saturated industry and being much older than the average trainer entering the industry, I also had to compete with a lot of the younger, fitter trainers.


Cue a few years later and I'm still here, enjoying every hour that I have with clients. Along the way I've recognising how much more many of my clients need in the way of physical and mental support, so I've adding Cupping Rehabilitation Therapy and Psychological support in the way of CBT to my list of skills. With the growing awareness of mental health problems and the huge amount of sufferers in a gym based environment, from low self esteem to social anxiety and eating disorders, I wanted to make sure that I was able to offer as much to a client as possible so I studied Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


Cupping Rehabilitation allows me to repair the tight, stressed and knotted muscles in you that are causing you mobility restrictions and even pain. It's one thing training a client and changing how you look and feel, but if your body isn't repairing properly then you are at risk of long term damage. Seeing as I was highly experienced in training and nutrition and had studied psychotherapy, it made sense to add a physical repair service. The idea is to build you up, nourish and repair your bodies and strengthen your minds


Pure Progression will continue to grow as a company and be a place to help you reach your health and fitness goal whatever that may be and from whatever point you are starting at.


The Training Space

Unit 3 Navigation Rd, Chelmsford CM2 6ND


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