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With the growing awareness of mental health problems and the huge amount of sufferers in a gym based environment, from low self esteem to social anxiety and eating disorders, I wanted to be able to offer more than the typical trainer can offer, so I studied to become a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a problem solving based therapy that focuses on identifying and altering negative thought patterns and beliefs. CBT works on the notion that our thoughts towards a situation are the problem, and not the situation itself. By using logical solutions to alter irrational and emotional response we can change your feelings and behaviours towards a particular situation.

Studies have shown that psychological support, exercise and proper nutrition all play a part in dealing with mental health problems and although a cure might be a long way off, if ever, healthy coping strategies are available right now,. My aim is to offer an environment away from the typical chair and table based discussion room and sending a patient/client to various experts for different levels of treatment. I want to create a gym based, therapy environment where the patient becomes a client. You will learn to become more confident in a gym environment, we will discuss and challenge your core beliefs all while learning to train properly and take care of your physical health at the same time.


*This is also a great way to add exercising and a social interaction to your activity scheduling if you are on a depression recovery plan*


If you are looking to make a change physically and are suffering with anxiety, certain levels of depression, low self esteem, confidence or phobias, rather than having to see and meet multiple people for different treatments, come and meet just me. I operate in a private, professional training facility that caters for and supports people of all abilities and ages.


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